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High-Speed Rail (HSR) terminated: Will property value in Jurong blow?

It’s official: the High-Speed Rail (HSR) job that was originally intended to run from Jurong in Singapore to Kuala Lumpur has been terminated. The inquiry among property customers and proprietors in the west is: Will the absence of HSR take a chunk out of Jurong residential or commercial property values? Or, do Singaporeans have absolutely nothing to bother with? HSR and also the Jurong condo: a recap The Singapore-Kuala Lumpur High-Speed Rail (HSR) had been set up to begin in 2018 and also start operations in 2026. The existence of the HSR has been made use of as a significant marketing point for numerous residential or commercial properties in the areas of Jurong East, Jurong West, Lakeside, and Bukit Batok.Continue reading

Property News

6 things Singapore landlords MUST DO to survive in 2021

As Covid-19 surges on, building financiers are starting to become aware that it’s not business as usual. While there’s still rental demand, some proprietors might locate it more difficult to lease their homes to others in 2021. Additionally, government relief measures, such as deferments for home mortgages, will be finishing quickly in March 2021. If you’re a landlord/investor who is vested in residential or commercial property, right here’s what you require to do make it through 2021: 1. Don’t be in a hurry to reduced rent While you may be tempted to reduced rental rates, resist it. It’s completely feasible for rental rates in some areas to remain the very same, and still, be attracting or preserving tenants. Actually, condominiumContinue reading