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New digital literacy programme aimed at seniors was launched by NLB

SINGAPORE – A new and complementary electronic proficiency program focused on seniors was released by the National Library Board (NLB) on Friday (Feb 26). Referred To As the Collection Learning Journey, it will be held across 25 public libraries in Singapore, with one-hour sessions monthly on a variety of subjects, including exactly how to access e-Newspapers, Wireless @ SGx, using QR codes, and using the spruced up NLB mobile application. Collectively developed with the Infocomm Media Advancement Authority (IMDA) as well as the SG Digital Office, the program is targeted at senior citizens, however, is additionally available to all locals. Talking to reporters at Tampines Regional Library, Senior Priest of State for Communications as well as Information Sim Ann claimed the dutyContinue reading


3 Reasons Private property More affordable than most Singaporeans think

A lot of Singaporeans often tend to overstate the rate of personal property. Today, there are most likely several of you that approximate the cost of a rural condo to be someplace from $2 million, to two times the public debt of France. It’s just exactly how we’re educated to assume. Well, below are some reasons a private property a lot more affordable than a lot of Singaporeans presume: 1) The misconception that “no condominium is below a million bucks” How much would you claim is the minimum price for a condo? A million bucks? $800,000? Well, a fast search for condominiums valued at $700,000 or below returns over 3,300 outcomes on 99. co . And prior to you jumpContinue reading