Employees FAQ Ready to start work? Please read this before you start UShifting with us!

Applying for UShift?

In which cities do you operate?

We currently only offer jobs in Singapore. More cities are coming soon!

How do I register on the platform?

Step 1: Download the UShift Mobile App for free now: http://ushi.co/2q87CW1
Step 2: Complete your profile and describe your job interests and experience. You are required to upload a picture and ID (NRIC/Passport Scan Image) to verify that you are legal to work in Singapore.

How do I apply for jobs?

Our platform works the other way around. Companies post jobs and we automatically match you based on your job interests and experience. These matches will be displayed on your mobile app. You can either accept or reject the job offer, it is up to! To receive only relevant job offers, you can edit your profile.

What kind of jobs are available on UShift?

Depending on your experience, we can help you find short-term positions in hospitality (waiter, receptionist, doorstaff, event crew), food & beverage (waiter, kitchen helpers, chef, bartender, barista), events (ushering, ticketing, promoting), retail (sales assistant, promotional staff) and admin (customer service, admin assistant), warehouse and delivery. More are coming soon!

What types of businesses do you work with?

We work with sports stadiums, event companies, start-ups, retailers, coffee shops, restaurants, bars etc

Do I need any experience to apply to UShift?

Most businesses require some level of experience for roles such as a chef and baristas. It is therefore important to describe your experience in the app if you wish to apply for these roles. However, experience is not mandatory on UShift, the majority of employers just look for a hard-working individual!

How do I stop receiving job offers during a holiday or anything else?

Go to your account settings and mute all notifications. Remember to turn notifications back on, otherwise you will not be matched with a job.

How do I get hired?

I have applied for many jobs, how do I know if I am hired?

You can check the status of your application on the App. You will also be notified if hired through a SMS, email and a push notification on your smartphone.

How do I increase my chance of being hired?

Firstly, upload a presentable profile picture of yourself as well as your ID which is mandatory for work. Also, boost your profile by indicating your job interests and experience. Employers will be able to view your profiles, so do whatever it takes to make your profile stand out from the other UShifter applicants. Lastly, make yourself available and apply to as many jobs to increase your chance of being noticed and hired.

Getting ready to UShift?

What is the Job Scope?

Details of job (location, time, outfit etc…) is found under the job offer in the app!

Is there any Dress Code?

Every employer has their own requirements. The dress code will be listed in the job offer.

What happens if I can’t commit to my shift anymore?

For any cancellations, kindly cancel your shift on the app or web and drop Olivia a text on the chat or email [email protected] respectively.

What happens if I don't turn up to my shift?

Any Last Minute Cancellations within 24 hours of the shift will result in a ban. It is very important to notify us in advance if you cannot make it. Also, If you do not turn up to your shift i.e. No Show, you will also be automatically banned from UShift. We do this to ensure trust with our businesses and because there was another UShifter willing to work with us.

How do I get paid for the job?

There are 3 payment methods from UShift – Cash Payment, Bank Transfer by Business or Online via UShift. The payment mode of a particular job can be found within the job offer in the app.

How do I get to the workplace?

Google Maps, Apple Maps, City Mapper… basically anything with a map

Other Questions

I need some assistance! How can I contact UShift?

You can contact us via email - [email protected] or chat with Olivia on the app!

Business Q&A UShift connects businesses who have shifts to fill with people looking for part time job. Our website and apps make it easy for businesses to post offers and for qualified workers to claim them.

To Start with UShift temporary jobs

What is UShift?

UShift connects employers with locally available, previously vetted and hourly job-seekers.We match jobs according to jobseeker interests, qualifications and availabilities using machine learning algorithms that consolidate the data of worker's previous job experiences and performances.

UShift was founded in 2017 and is backed by the Asia Pacific Internet Group (APACIG), a Joint Venture between Rocket Internet and Ooredoo.

How do I create my company profile?

We believe that a “good” company profile will attract more candidates to apply for the job!So please register your company here and fill the basic information. Don’t forget to upload an image for your business as well.

Shall I create different profiles if I have more than one outlet?

Yes please, so you can let your outlet manager manage each outlet separately.

What if I can’t login to my account?

We do our best to prevent this from happening but in case this happens, please try to refresh your webpage by pressing “F5” or clean the cookies of your browser. If it still doesn’t work, please write an e-mail or drop a call to your dedicated account manager (see AM contact at the end of Q&A).

What if I forget my password?

No worries, just click “forget password” at the login page and you will receive an email to reset one. Same way if you want to change your password.

What if I can’t receive any emails from the system?

First of all please check your “Spam” box or “Junk” mail. If it is not there, please contact your account manager (see AM contact at the end of Q&A).

Does UShift have an App for businesses?

We are currently developing the App for businesses which should be available very soon. Please follow us on social media and our newsletters for new updates about UShift.

Posting a Job Offer

How to post a job offer?

Posting a job offer is really fast and convenient: once you’ve created your account please login to your dashboard, then click on “Post a job” in the left corner and fill the different information boxes.

Please donot forget to includea jobdescription of the job, the tasks assigned to the part-timer as well as the job requirements needed for the part-timers including the dress code.

Check the “I trust UShift to hire somebody for me, I don’t need a shortlist of candidates” box if you want to save your time reviewing profiles and enable us to directly hire the best candidates for the job.

Click on “Post job” and your offer is ready to be online!

Can I post multiple shifts under one post?

We recommend to post multiple shifts in a single job request if the job consists of multiple shifts. Just click on the “Add Shift” and fill in the date, time & hourly rate. Include as many shifts and workers you want!

Is there a minimum requirement for salary and duration of work?

There is no minimum salary required to post a job offer. However, the suggested minimum salary is 7$ for weekdays and 8$ for weekends. Jobs that offer salaries below these rates may have a small chance to be fulfilled according to our market surveys. There is no minimum duration of work and you can post shifts in 30-minute periods.

Can I post an offer for a long-term job?

It is absolutely fine to post a job lasting more than a week. You can add as many shifts as you want in your job offer. However, UShift cannot guarantee that you will have the same person working for all the shifts.

Can I cancel the job? Will I be charged if I cancel?

Cancellation is easy: find the job offer you wish to cancel in your dashboard and click “job details” then click “options” then “cancel job”. Candidates that were previously hired for the job will be automatically notified as a result of the cancellation.

Please note that for last minute cancellation (if you cancel the job 24hours or less before the start of the shift), you will still be charged the 10% commission as all the sourcing work has been done properly from our side, and you will have to compensate $20 per UShifter hired for the inconvenience caused. If you cancel more than 24hours before the job happens, then cancellation is, of course, free.

How can I repost a job?

If you want to repost a job offer with the same criteria, go to the job offer in your dashboard and click “job details” > “option” > “duplicate job”.

A new offer will be triggered with the same title, description, requirements, location and settings. Just indicate the new date & time and your offer is ready to be posted!

How will I know if anyone applies for my job? How long will it take?

UShift will notify you by email as soon as we find suitable candidates so you can check their profiles on your dashboard. However, the sourcing time depends mostly on the shift time, salary and location since these features will affect the number of application.

Can I contact candidates before hire?

You only have access to a candidate’s phone number once he is hired for a job.


What’s the UShift service charge?

There is no cost for registering or posting a job offer on our platform! There is also no monthly fee. UShift only charges a commission on top of the total salary you pay to part-timers;
- 10% commission if the job is posted more than 24hours before the job happens 
- 20% commission if the job is posted within 24hours of the job

When will I be charged?

We take the commission only when the job is done and we will issue you an invoice at the end of month accordingly.

How should I pay the part timers and UShift service charge?

You can choose to pay the workers:
- directly by cash, on your own
- directly by bank transfer, on your own
- online with UShift using our free, fast & secure payment platform

To pay the service charge:
- if you pay online with UShift you will pay salaries and service charge at the same time through are secure online payment platform
- if you pay directly by cash or bank transfer we will issue you the invoice at the end of the month so you can do a bank transfer or check to us to pay the service charge.

What is online payment with UShift? How can I do that?

We use the third-party Stripe platform to help facilitate the payment to part-timers. If you want to use this, please input your credit card information under “My account-payment”. After that, when the job is done, you can log in to your account, edit the amount paid to part-timers and trigger the final payment. The money will be transferred directly from your account to the worker’s account.

Do I have to pay CPF?

Since UShift is a platform connecting business with part timers - not an agency - we are not involved in the CPF payment. Please align directly with part timers and check the official website of MOM for more information.

Managing Part timers

Are the part timers vetted?

Yes, we background check everyone who registers on the platform by asking them to upload their ID image. We only forward job seekers who are legal to work here in Singapore according to national law.

What if part timers don’t show up for work?

We try our best to prevent this from happening especially through an efficient notification system & strict banning policy. But if unfortunately, this does happen, please contact your account manager ASAP so that we can manage to find a replacement (see AM contact at the end of Q&A).

What if the part timers are late?

We suggest that you indicate in the job description that you want part timers to arrive 10-15 minutes before the work starts. Also, do not hesitate to call them to give them instructions for transportation.

What if the part timers’ performance is not good?

You can always rate or leave a comment to part timers by clicking “Review” after a job is completed. Also, we encourage you to pay them on a short-term basis if the job lasts for a long time as to incentivize them more.

What if I want the part timer to come back and work again?

If you really like one UShifter, please add him/her to your “favorite list” and we will manage the shifts between them and check their availability.

Can I have a pool of part timers to select?

Yes, currently we are building the “favorite list” function where you can have your pool of part-timers and we will try to manage your new job offers among them.

Can I hire the part timers connected from UShift as my own regular staff?

Yes, of course. Please inform us about this and we will help you do the arrangement. Just note that if you hire a candidate within 4 weeks after the last job and do not wish to use UShift anymore for his/her shifts, we charge a one-time $500 fees for hiring!